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MightyCall Virtual Phone System Review 2023

MightyCall Virtual Phone System Review

There are many small VoIP companies that most of the time is not very good and may be insecure. MightyCall is based in Seattle where they provide excellent services with some major twists and are very surprising and they are considered a newcomer.

This company was founded in 1999 when VoIP appeared for the first time. MightyCall features many of the most important features, where you can enjoy a system that has many additions that make you proud of this company in front of major companies. Third-party solutions. This application is easy to use, the system used in it is simple and logical, and all of this is within one subscription where you can extend or cancel it at any time.

What is MightyCall?

This program is equipped with a virtual phone system which is fast, easy to use and secure. Therefore, you must grow your business in an amount of 12 countries per month without the need to use long-term contracts.

Among the services that MightyCall provides are:

1- You can get a virtual phone number where you can get it for free and locally.

2- You can add team members, forward calls to them, and track their performance.

3- You can set call routing rules and add welcome messages, working hours and voice mail.

4- It helps you in keeping a record of all interactions with customers such as calls, texts, call recording, voice mail and transcribing audio to text.


Call Handling:

This program provides a lot of features that deal with calls that a decent cloud phone system may need, especially high-resolution voice. It can also forward your calls to any phone number you want. Moreover, it provides three different numbers with the Follow-me find-me feature. Or, you can set a ring that is sequential and simultaneous for all calls to be checked on your devices. This means there are no hidden numbers. You can also make calls from any device that is connected to the system using your work phone number. Therefore, you have the option to choose to record your calls as well Incoming or outgoing and in order to do this. You must have a plan that is a middle tier and it costs you $39.99 per month. Keys to access a specific internal number or to call a favorite work colleague.

Getting Started with MightyCall:

You may not be able to use some of the features that are of interest directly from desktop phones. They can only be used from a digital phone or a mobile application. One of these features is the Telephone User Interface (TUI). This is a manager that allows you and your colleagues to work by transferring, hanging, merging, or separating calls and moving between the first and second lines they use. (TUI) is the place where you can initiate group and voice calls only by merging several calls into one or by creating a so-called consulting call.

Phone System Management

The part where MightyCall really shines is the phone system. Although, it’s slow and some functions are illogically laid out. The manager itself is straightforward. You can see all your call activity and check your call history, voicemails, and text messages. Browse detailed call stats that you can export to Excel charts, manage phone numbers, and customize your greetings. You can do this in two ways where you can download one from your computer or receive and record a phone call from MightyCall in real-time.

Phone Numbers

Choosing a phone number is very easy, whether you are linking a new number to your MightyCall account or transferring your number, and this setup is free. The process of transferring numbers is completely free and you will get a temporary number until you get your old number, which may take about 14 day.

However, if you want to use a new phone number, you can add as many as possible so that it does not exceed the maximum number of numbers allowed by your subscription. The new numbers can be anything from local numbers to free numbers. 800 valid numbers are completely excluded either concerning international numbers. You cannot connect a system until you run it. They are considered add-ons, so you must purchase them separately and their cost is 10 dollars per month for each number.


Despite accessing your account using the phone’s browser, it is preferable to use it for two reasons, which is that the account does not adapt to mobile phone screens well. In addition, it is clearly supported an Android or iPhone application with many advantages that a normal account has.

The main screen of the application is characterized by that it does not have a communication program. Also, the activity summary contains charts and statistics that are beautiful. You can also check your account, your activity, call history, voice mail, text message recording, and the communication program. This application allows you to determine whether you want to make calls using your work number, your cell phone, or your softphone number. Thus, interesting MightyCall features like to-do items, text messages, and sending an email request are not only available in this app but can be accessed easily and with a quick button.


  1. It can record calls automatically and easily create very useful lists.
  2. It eases transportation and management, so you will not be tied to an office as you can know the recorded phone call, which allows a higher level of CRM.
  3. This application works great and includes many different companies.
  4. It provides many services to capture calls for this price point.


  1. This application may spoil your vacation if you do not put it in non-licensing.
  2. It sends missed call notifications every time someone reaches the phone tree and hangs up.
  3. People may call, but the line does not ring, and the next day the call will be charged.
  4. If you don’t take the time to start writing a review, you will face insane aggression.

You can download the program through the following link

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