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The Best Free Ways to Run Android Apps on Your PC 2023

Run Android Apps on Your PC

The Best Free Ways to Run Android Apps on Your PC

You don’t have an Android telephone? Or perhaps you are searching for some reliable choices for running Android applications on your PC? You have gone to the opportune place as here we have investigated the best and the most Android programming and emulators utilizing which you can flawlessly play any Android applications and games on your PC.

I remember the day when my Android telephone was broken and I was looking for a dependable emulator that will permit me to run Android applications on PC, but all the websites failed to give me any good option. What’s more, I should have to locate a working program. Along these lines, I chose to take the most difficult way possible. Truly, through experimentation. 

I downloaded, installed, and tried every one of them. The entire undertaking was depleting. Yet, eventually, I found the one that worked. 

However, on the grounds that I needed to attempt over a dozen software, this method of trying programs devoured the vast majority of my day. That is actually when I chose to write this article to share my own experience, which will save you valuable time and help you settle on a superior choice identified with the product you should use for running Android applications on PC. 

Before we move onto the best Android programs and emulators, have you ever asked why people are looking for an approach to run Android applications on the PC? 

Since the Android working system has become such a lot of inescapable that people who are utilizing Windows or Mac on their PCs appear to be keen on having an Android system on their computers so they can encounter the simple to utilize UI being offered by Android. 

Aside from that, by far most of the clients are keen on playing every one of those well-known gaming titles and applications on their PC, which is really accessible for Android as it were. 

To have the option to run those Android applications, you don’t have to have an actual Android cell phone or tablet. All you truly require is a PC with hardware specifications that is adequately proficient to deal with the accompanying Android copying software.

A good desktop working system initially designed to play Android games on a PC screen, Phoenix OS has improved and filled impressively in recent years. The last version doesn’t run on Android 9, however with Android 7.1, you’ll actually get a large portion of the applications and features of the OS working appropriately. 

The way that Phoenix OS is utilized to play moderately requesting games like PUBG Mobile is a demonstration of the stage’s solidness, and numerous people have been doing the switch dependent on that alone. 

It requires its own system partition, yet that assists Phoenix OS with achieving the sort of execution you’re not going to get in standard virtualization programs or something you install on Windows. 


MEmu is one of the best programs and best-adjusted apps that allows you to run Android on Windows 10. Planned in view of gaming, MEmu works really hard of incorporating PC console and-mouse controls and gamepads into its work of Android, and response times are similarly impressive. 

It has a huge load of usefulness, making it simple to sideload apps and games, and a constrained least window size guarantees that the window never turns out to be so little as to be unusable. The most recent version of MEmu allows you to run numerous occurrences of Android at the same time, so you can play various games on similar records or examples of the similar game through various records. 

You can download the application by downloading it from the official website of the application


BlueStacks is one of the first running Android OS on PC. It is based on local Android, so it is fit for supporting the large numbers of apps on Google Play. What’s more, you can get to Play from inside the application. 

Dissimilar to GenyMotion and Android Virtual Device, BlueStacks is an application. Simply download and run the application. The beneficial thing about BlueStacks is that it is upgraded for gaming on your desktop. This implies you can play popular games like FREE FIRE, PUBG, FIFA soccer, and. 

The most recent version, BlueStacks 3, comes preloaded with advancements for gaming encounters. users who love running Android games on their PC are in for a smooth experience. Fortunately, it runs on Android Nougat, as well.

You can download the application by downloading it from the official website of the application

Remix OS

Remix OS Player is a totally free Android emulator that works for Windows which depends on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Truly speaking, Remix OS Player is from various perspectives, outstanding amongst other Android emulators out there for windows. It does not just convey a huge load of features like organization type, Google Play support, mapping, manual settings for signal strength, location, battery, and pretty well. 

Security is the thing that everybody searches for and the Remix OS player conveys on that front. Additionally, you need to keep in your brain, Remix OS Player is not, at this point is developed. Yet, what you can do is, utilize the more established form which depends on Marshmallow. It truly performs quite well. 

You can download the application by downloading it from the official website of the application

Nox Player 

This emulator accompanies various astonishing features like Gameplay optimizations. prop, regulator similarity, and a totally easy-to-understand interface .those are only a portion of the things where Nox Player has. With this, it unquestionably surpasses other Android emulators on Windows. 

In this way, if someone is searching for an Android emulator on Windows that has huge loads of features other than gaming, okay, Nox Player is unquestionably going to be the ideal choice. 

It depends on Android Lollipop 5.1.1, however one astonishing part is, you can run different Android forms up to Nougat utilizing its Multi-Drive feature, and it’s allowed to download. 

on Nox Player, all you require to do is basically empower a switch in the settings, and BOOM! – you’re rooted. That is so simple and easy, correct? Nox Player is incredible for you all and it’s among the best Android emulators on Windows. 

You can download the application by downloading it from the official website of the application


LDPlayer has immediately ascended to popularity because of its incredible performance.it has been only a couple a very long time since it’s been dispatched. Concerning its Android adaptation, LDPlayer runs on Android Nougat (7.1.2) for stunning execution and similarity, and furthermore, it’s totally allowed to download. if you are searching for an Android emulator for Windows 10 that is made predominantly for gaming at that point let me advise you, the most recent emulator around is LDPlayer. 

There is additionally an application store for games that accompanies the emulator and they run very well on LDPlayer. if you want to improve the performance you may likewise exploit Virtualization Technology from the Settings page. LDPlayer is a modern Android emulator that offers you a basic. Yet, simultaneously a ground-breaking Android experience on Windows PCs. 

You can download the application by downloading it from the official website of the application

Ko Player

Ko Player centers around delivering a slack-free gaming experience with a lightweight program. As Ko Player is liberated from cost at this point you may see a couple of Ads. The application player is not difficult to install and navigate through the apps. It likewise underpins keyboard planning and gamepad copying. The disadvantage of this Android emulator is that it at times freezes unexpectedly. Likewise, the player is somewhat cart and makes it hard for the user to uninstall the Android emulator. It’s a good Android emulator for PCs.

You can download the application by downloading it from the official website of the application

Run Android Directly on Your PC With Android-x86

In case you’re searching for something a touch all the more full-featured, the Android-x86 project gets you as close as possible will genuine Android on your PC. Android-x86 is an open-source project that ports Android to the x86 stage, permitting you to run it on your PC rather than an ARM-based telephone or tablet. 

To run Android-x86, you have many options. If you need to run Android all alone, as a desktop operating system for your PC, you can download it as an ISO disk image and consume it to a USB drive with a program like Rufus. At that point, embed that USB crash into the PC being referred to, reboot, and enter the boot menu (normally by squeezing a key like F12 during the boot interaction). 

By booting from your Android-x86 USB drive, you’ll either have the option to run Android in a live climate—without having any impact on your PC. Then again, if you need to run Android-x86 on top of your current system, you can download the disk image and run it inside VirtualBox. This is, once more 

developed if you’re not familiar with VirtualBox. 

The official website has a few tips for getting Android-x86 going in a virtual machine also. It’s more work than utilizing something like BlueStacks, but on the other hand, it’s nearer to unadulterated Android, which is a pleasant advantage.

Along these lines, the rundown we have given above are the absolute best Android emulators you can use to run on your Windows PC. You might be a developer who is hoping to test applications or you may be an easygoing user who is simply looking around to play a few games, you will locate the best emulator that you need. 

These emulators are simply great programs with incredible exhibitions and with a lot of features. Additionally, these are allowed to download. In this way, you can simply pick any and pursue how it functions for you and your games as well.

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