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the most famous 8 program for pc for windows 11 2024

the most famous 8 program for pc for windows 11 2024

the most famous 8 program for pc for windows 11

We, as usual, select and experiment in order to make this topic the best of its kind and include the most powerful programs that have been recently published in various categories Perhaps our keenness to choose programs worth trying is the main reason for the existence of a large period between each issue and another in the series, so since we have collected a batch New of the best computer programs that have been published recently, it is time to review them with you through the lines of this topic.

program for pc – Windhawk software

It is a free, open-source program that provides dozens of modifications aimed at improving the experience of using the Windows system Windhawk is a new place where everyone can contribute by adding modifications or new functions. It is more like a store that includes dozens of different modifications that can simply be applied to Windows that Microsoft did not provide, such as adding Dark mode for Notepad, enlarge the size of program icons on the taskbar, use the mouse wheel to change the volume from the taskbar, and many more.

Windhawk can be used without the need for installation, as it is a portable program, and once it is launched, its organized graphical interface will appear, where the most famous available functions and modifications previously mentioned are listed, but the entire list can be browsed by clicking on “Browse for Mods” as there are a large number of The functions, some of them are intended for Windows 10 and others for Windows 11. Pressing “Details” will open a new page that displays information about the function and what it does, then to install it, press “Install” and in a matter of moments the new modifications will be added so that you can test them without even the need to re- Turn on the device.

program for pc – Global Context Menu

A program that enables you to type faster while preparing reports, writing emails, etc. It allows you to quickly paste texts that you frequently use in your daily life such as an email address, your name, address, greetings, etc ,It does not need to be installed, just install Run it and it will run in the background, as you should notice its icon on the taskbar next to the clock.

To start using the program, the first thing you have to do is record the phrases or “abbreviations” that you use frequently on a daily basis. To do this, right-click on the GC-Menu icon, then choose “Organize” and a “Notepad” window will open for you where you write down the abbreviations regularly Consecutively, but in a specific format, for example, if you want to create a shortcut to write the e-mail address, as this method will show the word “Email” in the list of shortcuts, and when you click on it, the e-mail address will be written.

program for pc – iTop Easy Desktop

A free program that helps you organize and arrange the Windows desktop in order to improve productivity iTop Easy Desktop is designed for those who do not want to add their time in organizing the desktop manually It can be relied upon to arrange shortcuts, folders, and files within designated areas that are easy to distinguish between them.

program for pc – SimpleFileBackup

In the event that you need to copy one or more files to multiple folders, you will have to copy the files and then open the folders one by one to paste the files The free SimpleFileBackup program saves you this trouble as it was specially designed to copy files to different folders with the click of a button.

Once everything is set, press the “Backup” button to copy the files to the specified folders and then when the files are finished copying, it will show the number of files copied and the total data transferred Download Program.

program for pc – StemRoller software

A very cool program that enables you to separate the sound on different musical instruments from any audio file, whether it is stored on your device or available on the YouTube platform. StemRoller is open source and can be used on Windows or Mac The program is distinguished from other tools for separating music from sound in that it provides professional results This will be highly appreciated by video editors or musicians who need to listen to the beat of the music separately for different purposes.

The size of the program is about 500MB, and once you download the file, you can start using it directly, as StemRoller is a portable program. After running the program, you can click on “Select a local file” or use the search bar above to get the music clip from YouTube, then press the “Split” button next to the name of the clip, then let the program finish the process of separating the music from the sound, which is a process that takes some time depending on the capabilities of your device. slow down the program.

program for pc – AirDash software

Providing a simple and convenient way to share files between your different devices, AirDash is a multi-platform program that can be used on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS operating systems. The program allows you to send any number of files regardless of size, and it also encrypts files during the sharing process, in addition to Its speed in exchanging files between devices.

program for pc – Portmaster software

It is a program that helps you monitor all Internet-related activities that take place on the computer, in addition to providing the ability to prevent certain programs from accessing the Internet or block ads and malicious trackers PC connections within a simple graphical interface, along with additional features like secure DNS address enforcement, and secretly blocking ads and bots to spy on your activity.

program for pc – Battery Notifier

It is a free program designed to notify you when the laptop battery is fully charged or when the battery is about to run out, but Battery Notifier may also help you know the battery status Maximum power current compared to original capacity, current charge percentage, remaining battery time, or remaining to a full battery charge.


In conclusion, it can be said that program for pc are free or paid software that helps in using the computer and facilitates work on it, such as Office programs that help schedule work and write easily on the computer, and image programs such as the Adobe group that helps in designing images, audio and video.

These programs are very important to all computer users around the world, and there are giant companies behind the industry of these programs because they benefit from them by selling paid copies, and they also publish trial copies to try their programs so that the user can identify them and start buying them.


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