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Microsoft To-Do review 2023

Microsoft To-Do review

This program is considered a powerful program in doing task management for companies and individuals who want to monitor and cooperate in simple tasks. It comes with functional icons that help you create new lists and also help in adding new tasks and adding reminders and deadlines. This program also helps you to add features and colors to lists and add classification purposes as well.

What is Microsoft To-Do for?

This program is used for large projects and is not designed for small projects. It also clarifies the project management plan and keeps the entire team on track.

Microsoft To-Do review can also be used alongside other project management tools, and it will not be the main program. This application is considered the best for individual users and their personal projects or for managing their daily tasks only.

This Microsoft To-Do review tracks a personal task that is recent and has taken many hours in the past months such as commuting from Washington, D.C. to Portland, Oregon.

This is a small and ideal model for most of the basics of project management, which this application dealt with flawlessly.

This application helps a married couple in their late twenties as they move around the country. Also, it helps 5 to 9 employees keep their daily tasks in order. Moreover, it helps a mother organizing her family with her day and tasks today. This application is dedicated to the individual life of everyone.

Microsoft To Do’s features:

This application is not complicated, and does not provide reports. It will not convert your to-do list into a Gantt chart, and it will not make you create an invoice. It will also create a to-do list and it is one of the best to-do lists I have ever used.

This program does only the basics, but for some users, it is exactly what they are looking for.

Among the features of Microsoft To-Do review are:

  1. Collaboration features:

This application uses both the web and desktop application, especially when you use it as a mobile application. This is because Microsoft has made the web and desktop versions in both Windows and Mac devices.

     2. Security features:

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA): Microsoft has allowed the use of additional identity verification through the use of two-factor authentication.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) integrations: This application is part of Microsoft’s cloud ecosystem that allows it to take advantage of SSO capabilities in Azure.

    3.Task prioritization and scheduler

This feature is the bread and butter of Microsoft To-Do, as you can not only create main tasks but also create subtasks.it helps you keep track of the intricacies of whatever you are looking to achieve.

   4. Document storage

In Microsoft To-Do, there is a field to upload a file for each individual task, including documents, pictures, and other files.

    5.File sharing

This application allows you to download files and share them with each task that is used in the application of others.

   6.Budgeting features

There are no tools or budget tools provided by this app.

What is Microsoft To-Do?

It is a program that works on task management for companies and individuals who want to monitor and cooperate with simple tasks. Label folders. It comes with a functional icon that helps you to create new lists and add many new tasks, reminders, and deadlines. Also, it helps you to add themes and colors to each list. This application is equipped with an smart algorithm when checking tasks, as it recommends the most important of the day and this application. It is free and provides a wide range of articles, tips, guides, and instructions that help users get to know the application.


There are a lot of benefits to Microsoft To-Do:

  1. Prioritizing and scheduling dynamic tasks:

This program manages tasks and provides techniques that work on setting priorities. Also, it has an intelligent algorithm in order to create the main tasks and subtasks. The evaluation method is necessary to complete all the tasks on the list. Thus, you can make the decisions that you must do when you should focus on specific tasks. Here, productivity will increase significantly.

  1. Its interface is easy to use:

This application comes with an easy interface through which you can be compatible with all the elements of the application. Unlike other user interfaces, this application provides usage patterns that allow them to know what the different icons, tabs, and other elements look like when working in different contexts.

  1. It does comprehensive file sharing:

This application helps you to do the sharing of many files that are at the industry level. It allows you to share tasks with other application users. This application also allows you to grant access to files and set up different levels of permissions in order to have easier user tracking.

Creating New Lists and Tasks

Lists are a set of organized tasks and are a great way to maintain tasks that are grouped by project, company, or topic.

In order to create a new list, you must download the bottom side to the bottom of the left navigation panel, then select a field, then a new list, then type the name of the list, and press Enter.

A menu will appear on the left navigation panel with blue menu icons to the left of it.

In order to create a new task within the list, you must select a link with adding a task. Then, you should start writing. At the end, you must press Enter when you are finished.

If you want to modify the details of the task, you must specify the task. Then, a new panel will open for you on the right.


Creating Task Groups

This option is one of the most powerful features in the Microsoft To-Do application. It is a feature that any good application should include.

In order to group all the lists together, you must create at least two to-do lists.

Then, select the small icon in the box to the right of the new list field, which is considered the group creation icon.

Type the name of the group and hit Enter and then click on the two task lists you created and drag them into the Task List group. You’ll know you’ve dragged it far enough when you see a blue dotted box appear inside the group.

When you finish these steps, you will find the group with my list of tasks, where you can collapse this group. Then, open it at any time you want, by selecting the arrow that is located to the right of the group name.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  Is there a free version of Microsoft To-Do?

Microsoft To-Do is completely free as all you have to do is go to Google Play or the Apple App Store, and then download this app. After that, you can sign in to your Microsoft account if it exists or create a new one.

     2.  What kinds of teams and projects work best with Microsoft To-Do?

This application is used by individual project team members to keep their work on track. It is preferred by individual users and their personal projects.

     3.What kinds of customer support does Microsoft To-Do offer?

This application provides customer support, especially written educational programs, help guides, contact forms and tips.


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