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Creeper World Four Review 2023

Creeper World

Creeper World four is the fourth in a sequence of flash video games in the Creeper World universe. These are a combination of real-time method and tower defense, the place the enemy is a blue goo referred to as creeper. The creeper behaves like any fluid, slowly creeping via the map, gobbling the whole lot up.

While the video games are pretty casual, and not going to attract to the hardcore method game (I say this with some qualifications, which I’ll write about later), it is a very unique sport(well, the series, anyway) that works very well.

Creeper World four is the first to make the bounce to 3D and it truly works substantially and is a pleasure to see in moves with the waves of creeper coming in and out.

Presentation and UI

The sport for sure lacks all the polish, bells, and whistles of cutting-edge games, however, it in any other case appears pretty okay. While now not beautiful, there is nothing that sticks out as too out of location (or style). It additionally does a correct job of conveying the gameplay-crucial information, with a vast array of similarly filter selections to make positive sources or enemies extra distinctive.
While I’ve examined some reviewers disparaging the UI as something clunky and out of the 90s, I have to disagree – whilst the hotkeys may also be a little weird, they are rebindable, and I by no means felt like I was once struggling in opposition to the menus. My gameplay ride has been pretty smooth, and UI is something with which I frequently have trouble in method games!
The sole grievance I have is that the “documentation” (read wiki) isn’t fine – there are nevertheless some devices and mechanics I don’t absolutely recognize due to the fact of the unhelpful “detailed” descriptions. That said, I anticipate it to be ironed out in the future, and it doesn’t affect gameplay too much.
Basic Gameplay
As I said, the sport performs as a combination of RTS and TD.
You begin with an “empty” map, with sources and enemies placed. You pick out the place to locate your base (although, really, there is generally a single practicable spot) and then begin constructing your towers and the sport progresses from there.
The sport is mostly combat of attrition. You set up your towers to accumulate and supply electricity to your different units, and ought to be cautious to keep away from the creep, which destroys the whole thing you strive to build.
The simple enemy is an emitter, which creates creep in a constant timer and amount, though there are different enemies which can ship little bugs to assault particular constructions or spore missiles that create creep in the place they hit.
Although there are some unique resources, distinctive gadgets, and extraordinary enemies, the ranges play greater or much less the same, on an excessive level. You favor to set up your energy grid and add ample offensive devices to maintain the creep “at bay”, except overwhelming your base. Once that’s done, as soon as you have a secure setup, you will attempt to increase your frontiers, constructing extra towers and slowly advancing your offensive units.
This is why the sport is a “casual” method game. There aren’t many specific issues to react to, all through a level; as soon as you have mounted your base except being obliterated, victory is simply about assured – the question is how long it takes.
While the sport isn’t too vast in the range of its gadgets and mechanics, it is broad adequate for mastering to be loved and tiers to have some variety. The most essential devices had been the fundamental cannon and mortars, as properly as missile launchers and sniper rifles. The former two are the fundamental offensive weapons, to maintain creep at bay, whilst the latter two are protective weapons, to damage the bugs and spores earlier than they can do any damage.
There are additionally three one of a kind assets to help distinct types of gadgets – blue will assistant-creeper, which is your very own fluid to neutralize creeper (thus performing as a buffer in your base, for example); purple will assist missiles, snipers, and different advances weapons like bombers; inexperienced will aid shields, structures and so on.
The coolest component of this unique recreation is probable the terraforming! Some weapons get a top advantage, and you can redirect the creep, somewhat, by way of constructing embankments and so on. This is something that you couldn’t honestly do in a top-down game, at least to the equal extent that you can here.


The fundamental marketing campaign is a series of 20 maps. Each will probably introduce a new unit or a new artifact on the map you can use, so these missions are, to an extent, a tutorial. Most of them are fine, some harder, some longer, however, they are pretty good. Unfortunately, they don’t all do a very precise job at introducing the unit of mechanics they are showcasing. Very early on, the mortars regarded absolutely vain on the stage they had been introduced; I beat the mission besides any bother and barely the use of them. A couple of missions later, the stage regarded without a doubt not possible to beat, due to the fact it relied on the mortars – a unit I wasn’t the use of due to the fact it didn’t appear at all useful.
This hassle is even worse in some later levels, even though the later gadgets are much less vital overall. Long story short, many missions that are introducing a unit fail to pressure you to use them effectively, fail to truly instruct you their purpose, and this can come to chew you later on.
Teaching aside, I loved the campaign. It did a precise job in supplying a diverse experience, as some devices modified the sport pretty a lot. I do assume there are some gadgets that don’t serve an awful lot of a purpose, however, they don’t bloat the sport to a sizable extent.
Most marketing campaign missions are about getting to a positive artifact in the level, destroying a share of the creep, or neutralizing a precise enemy. Then, you additionally have secondary targets that are extra “exhaustive” – do away with all the creep, set off all the shields, neutralize all the enemies, and so on.
All of these distinctive components have a leaderboard entry (for time, mostly). These aren’t very interesting, most of the time, as will come to be obvious in the subsequent part about pacing; however they can forestall dashing the goal and permit for a greater entire “solution” to the degree (as in understanding to how to defeat the creep and no longer simply take the flag and running).

Pros for Creeper World

  1. The phenomenal neighborhood map system
  2. 3D surroundings essentially modifications gameplay for the better
  3. Rewarding marketing campaign and analyze as you go mentality
  4. Great ambient soundtrack

Cons for Creeper World

  1. Graphics nevertheless no longer on par with present-day comparisons
  2. Story much less bold in scope
  3. Tough getting to know curve

You can download and enjoy the game through the following link



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