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Filmora vs iMovie, which one is better in 2023?

Filmora vs iMovie

 See this extreme Filmora vs iMovie comparison to make the correct decision about your editing software.

Both Filmora and iMovie are usually utilized video-editing programs for novices. They are both modestly estimated and offer free forms for initial use to check whether the program is ideal for you.

video-editing programs like Filmora and iMovie come in to make all the difference. These two programs are explicitly intended for basic and fundamental editing. In any case, they can take your undertaking to the following level by giving effects, transitions, and titles.


Filmora VS iMovie: Comparison at a Glance

  1. Usability

iMovie  one of Apple products are known for their convenience and are generally simple to begin utilizing as they are adjusted for use by novices. This goes for iMovie, also. Filmora is an incredible other option on the off chance that you can’t get access to iMovie, in any case.

  1. Effects

Filmora’s preset effects are unequaled by some other beginner editing platform. With liveliness preset and adaptable video and audio effects, Filmora’s offerings are matched consummately for another looking to spice up their recording.

  1. Titles/Text

The titles and effects offered in iMovie are fabulous for a free program. This is underlined by its preset titles that are effortlessly positioned on top of film and modified to coordinate the text style and styling of your task.

  1. Workflow

iMovie’s commonsense design permits peoples to make a workflow that best accommodates their editing style without compelling you for sure.

  1. Versatility

The workflow and interface can help to edit skills. That offers way to a definitive creative opportunity, which is an ideal result for an editor. Another ideal effect is that they can sharpen their skills and develop the program they are utilizing.


  1. Utilization

Filmora is offered for users running Windows, Linux, and Mac working systems and is more generally available by a wide exhibit of editors. However, while iMovie is just offered for Mac clients, it can likewise be users on iPhones, which gives it an edge in portable video-editing.

  1. Pricing

As iMovie is offered for free on Apple products, it wins the pricing class. The most well known Filmora product comes for a one-time fee of $69.99.


Filmora PROs and CONs


Clear interface

Simple to-utilize video editor

Progressed video altering features

highly adjustable advanced mode


lacks the ability to accelerate in more than 5 times the first speed

Can leave watermark

You can download it from the official website

iMovie PROs and CANs


Clean interface

Proficient looking topics and trailers

Various audio tools

Supports 4k

useful interactionss with other Apple products and programs

background delivering


Doesn’t have 360 video or multi-cam feature

UI isn’t adjustable

Supports less fare formats

Short Verdict

While Filmora has incredible characteristics to its cutting-edge program, the base that iMovie has made with its ease of use and steady enhancements, that improves it better of the two.

in the other hand ,The greatest disadvantage of iMovie is that it just functions on macOS. Thusly, if you work on Windows or Linux, Filmora will be the most ideal software for you. Also, truly, you won’t have that a very remarkable distinctive experience from those that use iMovie on Apple products.

You can download it from the official website

Is Filmora worth buying?

During this digital progressed world, video editing has become a prerequisite. There is a lot of video editing programs however one, particularly, is direct to utilize and furthermore as savvy. I’m talking about Filmora video editing program. currently, there are three Filmora products yet: Filmora 9, Filmora pro and Filmora scrn ,every one of them have astounding featuress supporting such a video you’re expecting to edit.

With over 800+ astounding effectss and quite 50 amazing formats, Filmora has everything. Wondershare’s Filmora is reported for its cost proficiency and unconstrained upgrades. It is absolutely worth every penny you spend. Great stuff requires some investment in purchasing.

What is a good option in alternative to iMovie?

Searching for options in contrast to iMovie? Huge loads of individuals need Video Editing Software. What’s troublesome is seeing if or not the software you choose is appropriate for you. Adobe Premiere Pro, Camtasia, Adobe Spark, and Filmora are the most well known other options and contenders to iMovie.they have the same kinds of features that you nedd to create or edit videos.

Is Filmora useful for beginners?

Filmora is a simple free video editing program for a beginner. It Supports 50 above formats, 4k editing, Filmstock effects store, all essential and progressed editing tools in the most effectively available and utilized way.

Wondershare Filmora is a simple video editing program that accompanies a natural interface. It’s intended for home userss, not experts. At the point when you see our fundamental essential interface, you’ll promptly realize how to utilize it. Simply click and drag and drop. Timetable based video editing makes every one of your assignments simpler. You’ll discover everything on the Timeline.

How much does Filmora 9 cost ?

Presently you might be wondering whether you will have the option to get all the previously mentioned features for free. I have good news for you on the grounds that for sure you can gain admittance to the above features free . A lot of people utilize the free form since it is comparable to the paid ones. howaever, there are clearly a few advantages in utilizing the paid ones. All things considered, Wondershare’s Filmora offers you three different ways:

Free Version

The free form is compelling and notable. All featuress are accessible however there’s a slight weakness. That is your video will have Wondershare’s watermark removing the demonstrable skill of the substance followed by another drawback which is there is no free specialized help.

in general, the free form is the awesome amateurs and it gives you admittance to all the other things.

One-Year Package

You can get all featuress and updates alongside free technical support in this bundle. There will be no watermark and subsequently you can give your own watermark to the video making it more expert. The one year bundle will last just for a year. It’s $39.99 only.

Lifetime Package

The lifetime bundle costs $59.99 right now. All updates and features just as tech supports are available for free . You can utilize Filmora program for a lifetime by buying this bundle.

Extra Costs

Beside the estimating ways, there are some specific eeffects that you need to purchase if you need to utilize them. You can get a membership for all effects for just $10 every month or $100 every year. On the off chance that you get this membership, at that point you can gain admittance to all the effects.

There are a few packs of effects you can buy. They cost around $20 to $40 contingent upon the particular pack. At last you can choose if it worth purchasing yet the effects are truly icredible. The packs are special to each other.

You can read more about video editing programs in the following article.


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