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Recuva Data Recovery Review 2023

recuva data recovery

Recuva Data Recovery Review that can recover erased pictures, music, documents, videos, messages from PC/Mac, outer hard drives, USB drives, CD, and that’s just the beginning. It can reestablish erased files from the recycle bin even void the reuse receptacle organizer. Piriform Recuva is one of the most famous free files It is a simple-to-use viable document recuperation software program.

Is Recuva Safe to Use?

Indeed. It is protected to use Recuva for information recuperation on your PC. Recuva is an authentic program that is protected to download an introduction without viruses or malware. What the information recovery program does is just sweep your hard drive for the erased information. It will not change or harm your documents or devices.

Is Recuva Free?

Recuva is frequently known as free information recovery software. offers a free full form that permits clients to look and recuperate erased documents unbounded. Nonetheless, there is a Recuva Professional version priced at $19.95.

Recuva Professional VS Free

Recuva Professional is a redesigned variant of Recuva Free. The primary contrasts between the two versions are: 

  • Recuva Professional has a higher recovery rate. I have attempted both the expert and free versions of it. Albeit the free version doesn’t have any cutoff, a few documents that can be found by its Professional will not show up after speedy/profound checking with the free version. 
  • Virtual disk support is restrictive to Recuva Professional. Just the it Professional can recuperate records from virtual hard drives. More than that, it can make and reestablish another virtual circle. 
  • The programmed update is just accessible for it Professional clients. Users of the free form should be left with the old version.

How to Recover Data

Since we realize what’s in store, let’s investigate how to use Recuva. For this test, I deleted 7 JPG photographs and 3 TXT documents that contained lorem ipsum from my PC, just as my Recycle Bin. I’m going to attempt to recuperate every one of them. 

  •  The most recent variant of the Recuva software is v1.53.1087. It was delivered on June 07, 2016. You can use the free form, or you can get Recuva Professional which incorporates programmed refreshes, official help, and backing for virtual drives.


Recuva is a feature-rich information and file recovery program that is up there with the best we’ve used. First off, it empowers you to recover information from reformatted or harmed drives, working on the shot at a successful recovery. A profound sweep mode is besides accessible, which is valuable for tracking down secret files.

In the interim, Piriform Recuva was intended to be quick and proficient, lessening business vacation when recovery is required. You can besides take a preview of your recuperated files and make a virtual disk picture to forestall future information misfortune. 

On top of this, Recuva is viable with information recovery from virtual hard drives (VHDs). Also, it even empowers you to make and reestablish to another VHD. At last, you can utilize the solid overwrite device to guarantee touchy or classified documents are genuinely deleted until the end of time.

Client and client setup

Downloading and installing the Recuva customer takes close to a couple of moments and requires no specialized information. Just click the download connect and follow the prompts. no special setup is needed before beginning a sweep. 

In the meantime, the Recuva UI is straightforward yet compelling. It incorporates a drop-down menu for drive choice, a button to begin another output, and a choices popup. In the choices menu, you will want to choose your language and determine the design of the customer. Diverse examining choices can besides be picked, including profound checking and filtering for non-deleted documents.


To measure Piriform Recuvas execution, we finished both a norm and a profound sweep on a mid-range Windows PC with 8GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive. By and large, the outcomes were incredible. On the two events, we had the option to find and reestablish the test records we deleted with the project’s sharp document search and filtering tools. 

 A standard output just took about a moment to finish. By and large, it uses around 10% CPU and 600MB of RAM. This is noteworthy and proposes that you shouldn’t have any issues running Recuva close by different projects. A profound output required just about 24 hours, yet we could easily run it behind the scenes while chipping away at different tasks.


We were extremely content with the aftereffects of our Recuva test. Close by the test documents we deleted deliberately, it found more than 86,000 articles in somewhat over a moment. These incorporated a wide scope of document types, among them pictures, text records, and reserved web information. 

Moreover, by far most of the documents recovered were completely recuperated. A little level of more seasoned documents had been overwritten or was in a helpless state, however, that will be normal. If you know what kind of record you’re searching for, you can besides determine this before beginning your quest for a quicker, more compelling document recovery scan. 


Recuva clients can contact client assistance straight by presenting an email ticket. Those with a paid membership approach need support and most issues are sorted quickly. 

 There are additionally four distinctive self-improvement assets. The FAQ area contains replies to famous inquiries, and the specialized documentation pages give an itemized outline of the product. More explicit inquiries can be posed in the dynamic local area discussion and a noteworthy determination of brief video instructional exercises is additionally accessible.


Right off the bat, Recuva is freeware, and as such is now a stride in front of the opposition. With the expectation of complimentary software, Recuva conveys recuperation assignments in an opportune and effective way. 

  • It has two modes for information recovery: Wizard mode and Advanced mode. It takes into account various clients; the previous is a suitable choice for amateur users since it takes you through a completely directed recuperation process. Progressed mode is intended for clients who have more specialized information and need to speed up the errand. 
  • Besides its pretty oversimplified UI, it is prestigious for its multiplatform support. It is generally upheld by most Windows and Mac devices. 
  • The recuperation speed is additionally acclaimed commendable. 
  • The choice to profound output is another extraordinary element that empowers the client to look at documents from the most unimaginable fissure of the system, even those that are from the undermined or harmed portions of the disks. 
  • In particular, the upheld document types are many, which is vital in picking the best recovery software. In case you will recover files, you should use a device that can peruse and filter even document types that you never knew existed.


There are a few cons, obviously, and one is identified with the way that it is free. 

  • Some recovery may not be imaginable in case you are utilizing the free form of this software. Recuva has an incredible contribution for its free version, yet assuming you need to make the most out of it, then, at that point, it is smarter to buy the paid Recuva Professional. 
  • In case you are an amateur, observe that utilizing Recuva involves some danger in view of its capacity to overwrite files in the system. It may eliminate even the significant files you need to keep, so make certain to peruse before attempting the recuperation or have an actually fit individual check for you.
  • There are besides examples when the documents might turn out unrecoverable. This is simply because the documents are a duplicate of one more file from an alternate envelope or area. The profound sweep might assist with this issue.

The Recuva is an extremely helpful and successful recovery recuperation apparatus in their paid version, which additionally contains the full bundle being presented by the product.


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