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Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro Review 2023

Duplicate Photos Fixer

Many people suffer from duplicate photos once or twice, and they may be duplicated more than that. This large number of photos needs a large internal storage memory. You can now delete duplicate photos on your device and free up space in the internal storage with Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro. it is a program that deletes duplicate photos. the problem of repeated photos is one of the most common problems in all modern devices from computers and mobile devices in all its systems if it is Android or iPhone, and this problem spreads more in phones due to the small size of the phone space, it will cause a big problem for the user, and this repeated image is taken Too much space for mobile phones.


What is Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro?

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is a highly effective program that allows users to rapidly scan their devices and manage their photo library by eliminating duplicates. It has an easy-to-use UI. In general, it is a fantastic tool for removing trash from your system. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is well worth a try, particularly if you want to save time and hard disk space. The software may search the many directories inside these platforms and remove comparable files based on the matching level that is set. This program is one of the best specialized software in the program to delete duplicate computer images. The software works with a variety of operating systems. This program is not limited to Microsoft Windows only. It is also available for macOS and basic mobile systems such as Android and IOS.


Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro pros & cons:


  • Multiple scan settings to find duplicate images.
  • Removes duplicate and similar images at once so you may create a more streamlined and up-to-date photo library.
  • Group-level results for trouble-free elimination.
  • Helps edit disk space.
  • Automatic selection of all duplicate images.
  • Find and delete duplicate images that are taking up space in your smartphone.
  • Quick scan


  • There is no auto-alert for duplicate pictures.
  • Only 15 duplicates may be removed with the free trial version.
  • Only duplicate photos clicked during the last 24 hours are displayed. 

Home Screen & User Interface

  • Users can add folders or pictures to the home screen. The default ‘comparison technique’ used by the app’s scan engine for estimating similarity and duplicity can be changed in the sidebar options. It’s simple to add folders and have the program look for duplicate photos in those directories.
  • The app’s general process flow is rather nice.
  • The tool’s general layout and interface are user-friendly. There are no frills or extras, and just the essential functions are included.
  • This tool’s UI is highly user-friendly and intuitive. A sleek, elegant design makes navigation simple. Simple features are easily understood by everyone who utilizes the application, and it is devoid of jargon, making it uncomplicated. The user interface of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is so simple to use that even a novice can use it. You may quickly add images and whole folders to be scanned for duplication from the interface’s main page.  
  • If you want to add your files to the tool, you have two choices. The first method is to select “Add Folder” or “Add Photos” and then browse the required files. The second alternative, a simple drag-and-drop approach, is the easier and more favored choice.
  •  If your photos are already dispersed over many folders, just transfer them to one and collect them there. Scanning only one folder would be a more convenient technique. If you have duplicate photographs in many locations, you may scan whole disks if you like.


How Does Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro Work?

The Average User in Mind:

The program was created not just for photographers, but for anyone with a large number of photos on their PC. Thousands of photographs can be stored on your computer, which is dispersed across the system. You may have a huge collection of photos even if you are not a photographer. Seeing them all locate identical ones appears to be a difficult task. Fortunately, there is a program called Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro that can help you with this. This program will come in helpful if you don’t know how to get rid of duplicate photographs.

The Identification Process:

  1. Burst photography is a term used to describe a succession of photographs taken in a matter of milliseconds.
  2. Photos that have been gently altered in Adobe Photoshop.
  3. Colour, contrast and brightness levels differ from one another.
  4. Images shot within 24 hours that are similar.
  5. Identical pictures were taken from a distance of 1 meter to 100 meters apart.

The Comparison Techniques:

After you’ve chosen your photographs for scanning, you may either use the default search or utilize a sidebar with extra filter criteria to tailor the search to your needs. You can modify certain parameters once you’ve entered the appropriate directories to indicate which sort of duplicate files you wish to delete. Select ‘Exact Match’ if you need to get rid of a duplicate image. You won’t need to modify any further settings in this situation. If you go with the ‘Similar Match’ option, you’ll have to figure out what the ‘Matching Level’ is. The higher the degree of resemblance between the copies you set, the more you adjust the slider to ‘High.’ You may select between rapid and almost accurate results and a more accurate match using the ‘Bitmap Size’ feature. After you’ve made all of your adjustments, click the “Scan for Duplicates” button to see the results.  

If the number of variables you need to modify overwhelms you, you may utilize the default settings, which will give you accurate results.

You can download the Duplicate Photos Fixer application from the company’s official website for all operating systems

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