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icedrive cloud storage review 2023

icedrive cloud storage review

Cloud storage with protection and security, with a pallet interface and unique security highlights, icedrive is new to the capacity scene however is now showing incredible guarantee with its tight security and extraordinary convenience, seems destined for a great future. It’s entering a crowded field, though, with some strong competition from the best cloud services.

Icedrive appears to be bound for an incredible future. It’s entering a jam-packed field, however, with some solid competition from the best cloud services.

It came on the scene in mid-2019, and it has been consistently developing and working on its administration since its dispatch. Its necessary selling point is its impermeable zero-information encryption, and it has settled on some exceptional options that put it apart from other cloud services.

Icedrive offers an exquisite and simple-to-use interface, and it’s besides light on the hard drive, as documents never get for all time downloaded to your PC. Its free arrangement is extremely liberal, offering 10GB of space at no expense.

Is Icedrive Safe?

  • Hold your ponies there. Don’t get excessively advertised up. 
  • Cloud storage is filling in worth and prominence for individuals to save documents on the web. 
  • It is the thing that requests by a great many people nowadays. 
  • There are endless cloud storage benefits out there, and surprisingly however premium packages generally cost a little, most administrations offer free packages also, which may be barely enough as far as space is provided. 
  • In any case, generally, the free administrations are exchanged with your privacy and security. 
  • It’s never past the point where it is possible to have an expansion or extension after you had given them a shot. 
  • All things considered, their highlights are remarkable and yet are very comparative contrasted with any remaining cloud storage services. 
  • So there will be no precarious expectation to absorb information in this Icedrive audit here also.
  • The primary element of Icedrive is that they offer 10GB of space with the Twofish encryption calculation.

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Phenomenal privacy and security 
  • Liberal free arrangement 
  • Zero-information encryption 
  • Excellent UI 
  • Record reviews 
  • Virtual drive on the work area 
  • Great evaluating


  • Needs cooperation choices 
  • No transfer joins 
  • No talk support 
  • No square level sync 
  • Not useful for efficiency


The best feature of icedrive is the capacity to use it like a virtual drive that is connected straightforwardly to your PC. Truth be told, you can mount it like some other drive with a solitary snap.

It uses exceptional software with the goal that every one of the tasks you need to perform on files open, alter, erase, and upload feels as quick as they would for documents on your hard drive or a joined drive. Wise storing of your as of late utilized documents implies you’ll notice practically no stoppage. The main drawback of this element is that it is Windows as it was.

With it, you can transfer and download files and folders, stream media, and review documents and pictures without expecting to download them first. You can alter documents on your PC and the compact application will watch them for changes and transfer new forms to your account in the cloud.

Interface and in use

Icedrive has a spotless, simple to-explore interface. Despite whether you’ve never used any type of shared storage previously, seeing how to use IceDrive will take close to no time. Looking for records and advances between pages happens rapidly, as does transfer archives to your record.

It is additionally simple to make public links for documents and folders or offer them to individuals by entering their email addresses. A shared substance can have passwords and expiry dates, however, there is little else in the method of joint effort highlights.


IceDrive support choices are a bit restricted. The organization is situated in Wales in the UK and freely records a phone number and Skype ID, however, the contact page proposes presenting a help ticket for a quicker response. 

  • Notice: There is additionally an assist with focusing where you can look for articles, however, a couple of hunts we attempted didn’t allow an unnecessary number of results.


IceDrive is the main distributed storage solution for using the Twofish algorithm, which is perceived to be the most reliable encryption algorithm accessible. Icedrive likewise includes customer-side encryption with the goal that your information is encoded on your device before being moved to servers. Furthermore, IceDrive adopts a zero-information strategy, which implies that no one but you can see and unscramble your information.

The competition

IceDrive does numerous things admirably, in any case, as we referenced, it needs service features. In case those are imperative to you, a few choices to consider are Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, which both have more powerful coordinated effort choices. 

Google Drive accompanies 15 GB free of charge with any Google account. Paid plans range from $1.99/month for 100 GB up to $299.99 for 30 TB. 

OneDrive additionally has a free arrangement, however with just 5 GB of capacity. Its paid plans go from $1.99/month for 100 GB up to $9.99/month for 6 TB, which can oblige up to six individuals (1 TB for every individual).

Twofish Encryption

As indicated by its site, Icedrive is the main cloud storage supplier to embrace the “impenetrable Twofish algorithm”. They also asserted that Twofish is a considerably more secure arrangement than AES or Rijndael. 

It also means that it isn’t powerless against animal power and just backings 256 bit.

 Client-side Encryption

Like Sync.com, pCloud (with Crypto buy), or even Tresorit, Icedrive additionally offers customer-side encryption. 

However, they are not comparable to Tresorit in case you are attempting to make an examination between icedrive versus Tresorit. 

Using this encryption, every one of your delicate information is locked on your gadget before it hits the Icedrive secured cloud. 

This is to guarantee that regardless occurs, for instance, your telephone or your PC gets taken your touchy information can never be spilled, captured, or hacked.

Zero-Knowledge Encryption

Once more, like MEGA, pCloud, and Tresorit, Icedrive uses zero-information encryption. 

To find out about what makes MEGA and Tresorit not quite the same as Icedrive. 

Fundamentally, with this sort of encryption, your information and login data are all around secured. Just clients plan to see and decode your data. You have full oversight over your login requirements as Icedrive outfits you with complete secrecy and privacy. 

Besides, no one but you can get to your files and folders since you and just you hold the keys to decode it.

If you want to download the program, visit the official website of the program

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