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youtube tv box apk download 2023

youtube tv box apk

YouTube tv is one of the most popular platforms worldwide for viewing videos or content creators, or any channel owners. Google makes periodic and often continuous updates to YouTube’s smartphone application, often for YouTube’s smartphone application, but today’s update targets users of smart TVs and gaming platforms, however, this update targets users of smart TVs and gaming platforms to offer the user a new experience through which to quickly determine the content of the search hub video, but due to the tendency of most users of smart TVs and gaming platforms to view YouTube channels on TV, the installation of the app has expanded in all devices, especially phones and television, but with another name, Smart YouTube TV.

What is YouTube TV?

It’s a Google-launched subscription service that provides live tv streaming from Major broadcasting networks and popular cable networks at a lower monthly price. This service competes with giant companies like Apple TV, Sling TV, DirecTV Now, and others. it enables you to watch encrypted sports matches. The broadcast will be accessible to some local channels, but this will only be in specific areas and record unlimited amounts of content to watch at a later date.

What is the base price for YouTube TV?

YouTube TV costs 65 dollars a month that is in the base plan. YouTube price hikes it launched in 35 in 2017 Then it went up to 40 per month in 2018 then up to 50 dollars and now it reached 65 dollars per month. It depends on local tax laws in your country.  The company said: The price hike reflects the full value of YouTube, from expanding content features that have changed the way we watch live TV.

What other plans does YouTube tv offer? 

YouTube TV typically new subscribers will get one week free. You can get YouTube for two weeks when you sign up for a Verizon Mobile or 5G Home Internet plan. After your trial ends, you will get a discounted monthly subscription price of $50 instead of 60.


What channels can you watch with YouTube TV?

YouTube TV now offers more than 85 channels in its line-up like,

YouTube TV News Channels such as;

  • BBC World News
  • CNBC
  • CNN
  • FOX News

YouTube TV Entertainment Channels such as:

  • Cartoon Network
  • Investigation Discovery
  • TNT
  • truTV
  • Turner Classic Movies

Which sports channels does YouTube have?

YouTube is a wonderful choice for sports streaming services. sports lovers get access to national networks like:

  • CBS Sports
  • ESPN
  • NBC Sports Network
  • ACC Network
  • Big Ten Network
  • Golf Channel
  • MLB Network
  • NBA TV

How much DVR storage space does YouTube TV have?

The best-selling point for YouTube is its DVR. They advertise unlimited storage and you get to keep your recordings for up to nine months. That means YouTube users can record all of their favorite shows to watch back as and when it suits them and fast forward through the ad breaks.

 One of the biggest advantages of YouTube TV is the ability to view a subscriber on all screens, whether on a tablet, mobile phone, web browser, or using Chromecast on his or her television. YouTube can be accessed using the iOS and Android app, as well as from the web on a computer. The service supports devices such as PS4, Xbox, Apple TV, and Roku. 

To download the application, you can download it through the following link with ease

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