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Paragon Partition Manager Review 2023


Organizing your hard drive and reallocating free space to upgrade system execution, Paragon permits us to play out huge and broad information on the board, or rather, how we bunch them in a straightforward, simple, and dependable way.

Paragon Partition Manager system requirements

Before you download Paragon Partition Manager Free, check to assure that your system meets these conditions:

  • OS: Windows 10, 8, 7 (both 32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel Pentium CPU or its equivalent at 1000 MHz CPU clock speed
  • Memory: at least 1 Gb RAM
  • Disk space: HDD or SSD with 250Mb of available space
  • Monitor: SVGA video adapter
  • Opened ports in the firewall: inbound and outbound 80, 443
  • Other: WinPE-based recovery CD

How to use Paragon Partition Manager

After you download Paragon Partition Manager Free, introducing it is a simple task. The arrangement document isn’t by and large lightweight at the same time, other than that, you shouldn’t coincidentally find any mistakes when setting up the parcel the board software.

A significant chunk of time must pass to stack the climate, however, it’s going great from that point on. Paragon Partition Manager Free embraces a basic and complex interface, where you can visualize your disk and volumes to find out about circle space management.

For example, assuming you snap and drag the margins of a drive, Paragon Partition Manager Free shows another window and offers to resize the partition. It’s feasible to effectively show volume-related activities by setting all undertakings in a forthcoming line before you can submit modifications.

Thus, it allows you the opportunity to review Paragon Partition Manager Free alterations and change your perspective in case you think again.

Effective free partition manager software for quick disk management

Considering everything, Paragon Partition Manager Free is a free partition manager that conveys brilliant outcomes. You can securely use it to segment your HDD, oversee volumes, erase stowed partitions, convert GPT to MBR, and the sky’s the limit from there.

Paragon Partition Manager Free is delivered in a modern-looking interface that puts an accentuation on convenience. Along these lines, anybody can parcel circles quickly, without speaking with an assistance manual.

Besides, Paragon Partition Manager Free isn’t requesting at all with regards to framework assets use. Also, it does undertakings right away. The program performed well on Windows 10 during our testing. The free version has every one of the important choices for the simple segment of the executives, and it doesn’t contain promotions like other free apparatuses, which is a major addition to.


Paragon Hard Disk Manager will work with Windows working systems from Windows 7 and up and has been highlighted in three primary regions: replicating information and empowering movements, dividing, backup, and recovery.

Its disk cloning capacities incorporate the full scope of duplicate activities. You’ll have the option to clone a hard plate to a bigger drive or a different segment. You can likewise duplicate or reestablish information paying little heed to area size for instance, going from a 512-byte hard plate to one of 4K with no additional activities required. Relocations are conceivable from a standard hard plate drive (HDD) to a high-performance solid-state drive (SSD), and you can decide to avoid any information that you would rather not duplicate.

The software’s dividing instruments will assist you with keeping your plates appropriately organized, parting or blending allotments to reallocate free space.

At the point when you want to recuperate information, the in-fabricated wizard will reestablish reinforcement pictures made with the program. Another component, Embedded Recovery Media Builder 3.0, can be used to establish a recovery climate that is both individual and instinctive. With the bootable Paragon recuperation climate, you can stack a current reinforcement and fix boot mistakes.

Interface and in use

Assuming your PC is using later versions of Windows, you might see that Paragon Hard Disk Manager’s interface intently coordinates with that of the Windows Metro UI. The elements that the two share practically speaking are the express and lace-based launchers and the use of tiles.

In contrast to past versions, the Recovery Media Builder is presently a piece of the Hard Disk Manager application, which makes the activity more straightforward. The different wizards that guide you through every activity simplify it for beginners. Experienced clients aren’t disregarded, however, with the presence of cutting-edge features, such as having the option to use the hex editorial manager for altering areas and having the option to look for bad sectors.


Paragon offers three distinct levels of support:

  • Free, which is free for any item inside the two latest releases
  • Undertaking, which expects you to have bought an Enterprise plan
  • Per-occurrence support, which has to be purchased

Free support is obtained through your account dashboard and is just accessible during ordinary business hours five days every week, with reaction times somewhere in the range of one and three days.

Undertaking support is additionally accessible through your dashboard or by telephone and for 14 hours every day, with reaction times inside four hours. Per-incident support is like Enterprise, yet with a decreased reaction season of only two hours.

Our Review


  • Easy to use interface and instinctive choices
  • Make and oversee allotments without prior skills
  • Works with SSD
  • Free version accessible, without time constraints or ads


  • It does exclude some high-level options
  • Limited to individual use as it were


Is Paragon Partition Manager free?

Indeed, the Community Edition of Paragon Partition Manager is allowed to use, as long as you don’t plan to make a business out of it. There are no time limitations, however, a few elements are observably debilitated.

What is a partition manager?

A parcel is a sensible piece of an HDD/SSD that is treated as a different element by the working system. A parcel chief, for example, Paragon Partition Manager allows you to resize, make, or erase these substances effortlessly.

What is the best partition manager software for Windows 10?

We accept that Paragon Partition Manager is one of the most amazing segment manager software for Windows 10 PC. Be that as it may, in case you wish to test other comparable software solutions, we propose looking at MiniTool Partition Wizard, AOMEI Partition Assistant, EaseUS Partition Master, and GParted.

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