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windows media download 12 download windows 11 64 bit 2023

windows media download 12 download windows 11 64 bit 2023

windows media player 12

Windows Media Player 12 is the main program on Windows from Microsoft to play media on the computer, as it was one day a while ago that the program was known and used by all users, but with the advent of programs such as VLC and other programs, there were some things, methods and steps Windows Media Player, which you can do and you may like it and make it an option on your device to use it. Therefore, through this topic, windows media download 12 download windows 11 we will present what you do not know about Windows Media Player, and you must follow it with us.

Windows Media Player 12 functionality

There are functions of Media Player 12 that we write to you:

  • windows media download 12 download windows 11 Create and manage custom music collections, and sync them to your mobile device, to enjoy anywhere; at home or on the road.
  • The presence of a (Now Playing) mode that displays only the controls that the user needs on the screen, by minimizing the program window in the taskbar for an easier and more enjoyable experience.
  • It has built-in support for many popular audio and video formats.
  • Transfer (Rip) Audio CDs to Digital Audio Format, Listen to Thousands of Internet Radio Stations, Burn CDs as well.

Windows media player12 features

Add-ons for Windows Media Player 12 to improve the sound

There are many additions to improve the sound and make you able to control the sound and add more effects to the sound better.

Among these additions, comes the addition of SRS Audio Enhancements, and there is also the addition of DFX, which is considered the best addition to video players, including Media Player, to improve the sound and control it more.

Adjust the sound equalizer by Windows media player12

Indeed, some believe that Windows Media Player 12 does not contain an equalizer or sound equalizer, through which you can adjust the sound to work better. Where you right-click on the Windows Media Player screen, then click on Enhancements, then click on Graphic Equalizer, and then adjust it as you want, and you can also choose what you want according to the type of sound that you play, such as rock music, jazz, and others.

Video lighting adjustment by Windows media player12

windows media download 12 download windows 11 Sometimes, especially for those who upload videos or movies with cinematography quality or other things, the lighting of this movie or video may be the lowest, but you can, without using video editing programs, increase the lighting and colors as you want, and thus overcome this problem, and watch This movie or video without problems. You can do this by right-clicking on the movie image, then select Enhancements, then Video Settings, then adjust the Brightness indicator to suit you, and you can also adjust the Contrast indicator as you want for a better picture.

Add song lyrics Lyrics by Windows media player12

If you are a fan of foreign songs, then you definitely need the lyrics of the song while listening to it, as some of the songs of the singers are with unknown and unclear accents and you need to know the words, so you can use a small add-on for Windows Media Player that enables it to play the songs with the lyrics through the Internet easily.

Like adding MetroLyrics or adding Lyrics Plugin, when you play any song, the lyrics of this song will appear to you on the screen automatically.

Install Codecs by Windows media player12

windows media download 12 download windows 11 One of the things that shows us Microsoft’s lack of interest in the Media Player program is the failure to provide more codecs for the program to make it play more formats and the latest videos, Thus, Media Player only plays a very small number of popular media, But you can use the codec and thus you will be able to play all the videos through the program and all formats, You can use the K-Lite Codec Pack, and once installed, you will be able to play all the videos without problems, Follow the video above to explain obtaining, updating and using the Kodak.

Change the appearance of Windows Media Player12

You can get a lot of skins for Windows Media Player easily from Microsoft from the official website, or also from professional designers. You can access the Microsoft Shapes link, and you can also get shapes from professional designers through the Deviantart website link, where you download the shape you want, windows 11 download iso 11 64 then transfer the file to the Skin folder and you will find it in the path below.

You can do that via the following steps:

  • Then you click on View in the program
  • Then Skins
  • Then you click on Skins Chooser
  • Then you choose the look you want
  • You can move more shapes to the path above on your device to easily add more shapes.
  • You can also click on the shape directly after downloading it to run the program through this form easily.

Windows Media Player12 is an option for everyone

It can be said that Windows Media Player12 for everyone ,Dear reader there are many features that make the Windows Media Player12 program useful and wonderful for use on your computer, and since the program is present as a basic program on Windows, why not take advantage of it and use it, windows 10 download 64 bit although it is a program that has become old and not very developed, but it It remains an option for a large number of users. So if you are a Windows Media Player user, I hope that the topic will be useful for you.

How to install Windows Media Player 12

To install Windows Media Player Windows Media Player 12 is certainly one of the well-known programs, as it is one of the most popular video and audio players on computers and phones as well, and it is evident from the name of the program that belongs to Microsoft and was installed by default in older versions of Windows already, windows 10 download 64 bit like the rest of Microsoft programs .

Are there any defects in Windows Media Player 12?

For many users, the ultimate solution to remove Windows Media Player 12 defects such as disabling the program is to uninstall it, windows 10 download 64 bit then reinstall it once to make sure there is no minor problem. It is very important to note that the configurations are interlocking for all versions of Windows Media Player.


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