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Mozilla Firefox focus for iOS review 2023

Firefox focus

What is Firefox Focus?

Firefox Focus is a reliable fork of the authentic Firefox browser that is developed through Mozilla, Officially, Focus debuted in late 2015 as a devoted tracker blocker for iOS devices. It did not come to be its personal standalone browser till 2016.
Additionally, it is regarded a no-frills minimalist cellular browser – there is no laptop model of Firefox Focus like there is with normal Firefox.
Mozilla says that Firefox Focus will let you “take non-public shopping to the subsequent level” and describes Firefox Focus as a “dedicated privateness browser.”
Mozilla additionally says you can use Focus as both a privateness browser or a content material locker for Safari on like-minded iOS devices.

Before downloading


Firefox Focus is solely accessible for cellular platforms. You can discover it on iOS and Android.
Be conscious that get admission to to Firefox Focus might also be limited in some components of the world.


iOS: You want iOS eleven or later to use this browser.
Android: You want Android version 5.0 (Lollipop) or later to use this browser.

App size

The size of Firefox Focus varies on special Android devices.
According to its Apple App Store page, the size of the app is about 14.5MB.
(Even with the Android variance, I can think about the size isn’t always too a lot-specific between Android and iOS devices.)


Focus, targeted as it is on the single purpose of non-public browsing, is as naked bones as it gets. Every time you begin the app, it appears precisely the same: a search-or-address container on a crimson field. That’s due to the fact every time you shut the app, all your looking tracks are removed. Forget about bookmarks, history, password saving, or even tabs.
You’ll trip the cellular Web in a new simplified way: Most ads, which include all these with monitoring code, are removed. Of course, websites have intricate approaches of exhibiting marketing to make it show up as normal website online content, so do not anticipate a totally commerce-free Web. The app additionally would not provide an alternative to forget about the looking session when you swap away from it. You both have to faucet the Erase button (which is handy enough), or swipe up on it in the iPhone double-tap venture switcher, thereby sincerely shutting down the app. This required greater step may also sound like a flaw to some, however, most will opt for it to dropping their periods each time they leap momentarily to every other app.
The solely navigation buttons are the again and ahead buttons and a globe icon that takes you to the full Firefox for iOS (Free at Apple.com) . Other simplifications may additionally reason you greater grief than joy: Tabs are a no-show, so this browser is solely for one web page at a time. And now not saving any private information skill that any attractions that require an account sign-in will require you to reenter your credentials each time you received returned to it in the browser. Another safety that takes away some comfort is that Focus would not enable the use of add-in keyboards, such as the tremendous Word Flow, which I use on every occasion possible.

As Tor and VPN customers can attest, privateness regularly comes at the cost of some speed, in addition to the sorts of function gaps referred to above. In the case of Focus, Mozilla moderate claims that the app needs to pace up browsing, due to the fact it spares you from downloading advert images, however, my trying out did not undergo that out. The JetStream browser benchmark, which runs a battery of over a dozen-pace checks three times, wasn’t in a position to the whole one of its tests, which isn’t always too surprising, considering the fact that every now and then such take a look at operations can be interpreted as protection violations. And on the SunSpider 1.02 benchmark, Focus’s 932ms time was once about a quarter the velocity on the identical take a look at as Safari. On the Speed of.me web pace test, it got here at 26Mbps in contrast with 34Mpbs for Safari. Focus did get the genuine equal rating on the HTML5Test.com test, however, that means its widespread guide must be the same as Safaris. With these caveats, Web content, which includes video, displayed efficaciously for the duration of my testing.


f there are web sites you go to for which you genuinely do not desire your Web exercise to be tracked, Firefox Focus is a right arrow to have in your privateness quiver. But go in understanding that it is severely confined in phrases of the browser points to which we’ve got all end up accustomed. There are no bookmarks, history, password saving, or even tabs for multiple-site browsing. I’d have favored Mozilla to clearly add Focus’s privateness facets as alternatives to the organization’s slick, full-featured iOS Web browser, Firefox, which is PCMag’s iPhone browser Editors’ Choice. If you desire to stick with iOS’s default Safari browser, Focus works nicely as an advert blocker, whilst leaving the inventory browser’s conveniences in place.


Always on non-public browsing
Custom search engines
Safari integration
Light on machine resources
Responsive consumer interface


Lacks “standard” browser aspects such as tab management
No devoted Javascript blockading
No whitelisting feature
No extension compatibility (not relevant to iOS

You can download the application easily through the following link

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