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Landscape Pro Mac App Review 2023

landscape pro

What is it?

Landscape Pro Studio Max three is an innovative modifying software program for photographers of any degree to help decorate and method their panorama photos.

Installation Requirements Landscape Pro

  1. 1GHz processor or quicker recommended.
  2. 2GB RAM minimal recommended.
  3. Windows 10,  8, 7, Vista or macOS (10.7 or later)

Design and features

This software program lets you to for my part manipulate and restore the chosen areas and helps provide them a little punch to brighten, sharpen, or add color. If you are no longer acquaintedwith Anthropics Technology, they are the makers of Portrait Pro which is an effective modifyingsoftware program for portrait photography. I had a trial of a previous model of Portrait Pro a few years in the past and though it had a few small bugs, it is very impressive, to say the least. So, it is solely herbal that Landscape Pro is simply as intuitive as Portrait Pro and simply as impressive.
Landscape Pro makes use of superior picture cognizance science to goal positive areas that you pick on your image. In conjunction with the picture recognition, Landscape Pro has many protectedPresets for the chosen areas alongside a slider interface to make changes and nice tune the areas. It’s all very responsive when making the changes and the outcomes are instant. One of the famous points is the Sky substitute with a hundred and fifty built-in Preset skies to pick from.
Believe me when I inform you that there are lots of skies to choose such from clear and cool cloudless skies to darkish and dramatic cloud-filled skies. There are masses of Labels for areas in your photo that you can use. As quickly as you are completed labeling the chosen areas that you favor to edit, then the actually enjoyable beings. Whether you select the Presets or simply go straight to manually adjusting your photo the usage of the Sliders in the Side Panel.
Keep in the idea that you will in the end be the usage of the Sliders in the bulk of your edits to nice tune your image. The one-click Presets get you started out with a positive appearance in the areas you have chosen and then you can go in with the Sliders to tweak the Presets you selected. Landscape Pro does an excellent job of studying the factors in your picture like the sky, water, sand, trees, people, etc. to assist analyze the scene. And now not only can Landscape Pro regulate remoted areas in your photograph however it can trade the average temper and sense of the whole image.

One of the most important aspects that Landscape Pro has is its Lighting feature. What it does is analyze your picture’s scene and the factors inside your photograph so that it can make the appropriate herbal 3D changes to the lights as it would be in actual life. This can add some clearly excellent dynamics to the average look, mood, and experience of your photo. Whereas, when I use it as a standalone, the export used to be substantially faster.

If you are like me and decide to do non-destructive modifying in Photoshop, then it’s probable quality to make a replica of the unique picture and use that one to edit with Landscape Pro. I saw that when I used Landscape Pro as a plug-in that the rendering from the Save and Close choice is remarkably sluggish versus if I simply did the modifying internal Landscape Pro as a standalone program. When I used Landscape Pro as a standalone program, there was once honestly no render time like there used to be when I use internal Photoshop. Now, hold in the idea that there can also be elements on your pc such as RAM, processor, pictures card, and many others that may additionally have an effect on the render speed.
However, as some distance as I know, it simply may also be something in Photoshop that may additionally be the offender due to the fact the entirety used to be working simply high-quality besides the render velocity after I clicked «Save and Close» in Landscape Pro.


I used to be very excited to attempt out LandscapePro due to the fact between Nick and Me, we have a lot of possibilities to seize photographs (me with an iPhone and him with a Canon 5D Mark IV) in extraordinary environments. The software program is VERY convenient to use and as is the case with most applications, you get out of it what you put into it. What I suggest with the aid of that is some snapshots are going to be lifeless easy to edit whilst others can also take a little extra finesse.
The primary operation of the app is that you load a picture and label the unique components of it (i.e. sky, water, building, etc.) by way of dragging/dropping labels onto the exceptional locations in the image. LandscapePro will then analyze the picture and grant you with the probability to nice tune the magic selections. This technique reminds me a lot of what you go via when you are attempting to eliminate backgrounds from snapshots in Photoshop or Affinity Photo. After you have cleaned up the clever selections, you will then choose the place the horizon line must be in the photo. Then, you might also pick how you favor editing the photograph – via making use of a preset or manually adjusting via the use of the Sliders in the Side Panel. The one-click presets are impressive. They will practice a sure appearance to your photo, which you can fantastic-tune once more to match your photo. All of the adjusting takes place with the aforementioned Sliders.

What I like

  1. Very responsive and quick edits.
  2. Numerous Presets to comprise into your photos.
  3. Instant preview interior the Sections of the Side Panels.
  4. High-Resolution Output Images
  5. Works with RAW and DNG formats.
  6. Can be used as a stand-alone or a plug-in.
  7. Video tutorials handy on the Home page.

What needs to be improved

Couldn’t locate a putting to flip off the Help dialog field which pops up when you are in the Side Panel area.
Smaller certain areas are hard to pick out and edit.
Filter rendering in Photoshop was once very slow.

You can download the application by visiting the official website of the company via the following link


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