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How to Download Voice Message From Messenger step by step

save voice messages from facebook

how to save voice messages in messenger

People share photos, videos as well and audio messages on several social media applications, the well-known ones include WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger. even though apps like WhatsApp allow you to download all the media directly, the Facebook Messenger application doesn’t save media directly, you need to download them one by one.

if you are use Facebook Messenger on mobile for chatting and sharing photos, videos, and audio messages, incidentally, Messenger has no option to save the audio messages when you attempt to long-press the audio messages, you don’t get a choice to save the audio document.

so if you are encountering a similar issue, you need to download the audio file on Messenger, here are solutions I’ve found. Follow this guide.


How to Save Voice Message In Messenger PC

For people who think they can download the documents from a PC or computer, you will need to move the files to your telephone later if you need them to be on your telephone. so, to download on your phone, this is what you need to do.

 Method one step by step

The first method is to download a Facebook voice message to your PC, utilizing an internet browser. Facebook’s desktop format doesn’t permit you to download voice messages, but you can access to the mobile website on a desktop, and download voice messages as audio clips.

 1- You should simply get to m.facebook.com on a browser.

2- Head to the Google Chrome browser enter the URL m.facebook.com and hit go.

3- Sign in to your Facebook account and tap on the messages. You might be diverted to the Messenger application, simply overlook it and return to the browser.

4- When you are on the Facebook messages in the browser, find the chat and right-click on the audio messages.

5- You will be approached to download and save the audio document. Feel free to save.

Method two  finding the hosted file

1- Go to the discussion that contains the audio document you need on Facebook’s Messenger Website.

2- Open the Develop – > Show Web Inspector

3- Go to the Network tab

4- Return to the chat and press the “Play” button of the file you need to download

if you return to the Network tab, you’ll see that an audio clip xxxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxx.aac audio document has been stacked. (however, with digits rather than x’s)

5- Double-tap on the acc audio document, and it directly downloads or snatches the URL path and open it in another window to save.

Method three using the mobile site

In case you’re not happy with utilizing your browser’s developer devices, you can pick to visit Facebook through its mobile site. Rather than visiting www.facebook.com, eliminate the www and add “m”, so the URL peruses m.facebook.com. When the browser reloads the mobile version head over to your inbox, and you should now see a download choice in the chat under each audio message.

Method four utilizing 3rd party recorders

On the off chance that the portable webpage choice doesn’t work in the browser, you’re utilizing you can download the 3rd party tools like Piezo or Audacity to record the update into a document you can save and re-utilize later.


Saving a Voice Message in MP3 Format

Here is the easiest way to save the voice messages

1- Sign in to Voice Tools.

2- Tap Voicemails. A list of phone messages is shown.

3- Tap the voice message to see the accessible options to play back, flag, download, forward, or remove.

4- Tap the Download symbol.

Result: To Download this audio spring up window shows.

5- Tap Download.

Result: The audio message is converted to MP3.

6- Select a folder on your hard drive to save the document.


You can also have a new voicemail converted to .wav format and emailed to you as an attachment,but MP3 isn’t accessible with this option. follow the steps to revieve all your voice-mail

1- Tap to extend the Settings menu.

2- Tap Voice Mail to extend the Voice Mail Settings menu.

3- Tap to turn On Voicemail Notification.

4- Enter your email address.

5- Select Audio from the Notification Options drop-down menu.

6- Tap Add.

7- Tap Save.


Where do save voice messages go on iPhone?

Where the audio messages are saved relies upon what application you’re saving from, and the sort of document you’re trying to save.

For instance, if you need to save a visual voice message, you can fare to the Notes application or to the Voice Memos application: Save and share Visual Voicemail messages on your iPhone. Your voice message will at that point be accessible in the application you have chosen to save it to.


In like manner, if someone sends you a voice message via iMessage, you can save the voice message so it doesn’t get deleted. It will be available within that message string in the Messages app.

as mentioned, if someone sent you an audio message in the Messages app, the voice message is saved within the Messages app. Open the string you have with the person who sent it, tap their contact at the top point of the string, at that point the information “I” to one side. This will show you your attachments, and the messages should be there.


if you want to save the audio file to another location or on your device, have the sender re-send the voicemail through email. At that point, you can save the audio file to your Files app.



Where do save voice messages go on Android?

Before answering the question, you should know two kinds of voicemails, because every one of them is stored in a different place. The two kinds of voicemails are basic voicemail messages and voice messages.


basic voicemail

This kind of voicemail is the essential one. Your caller can leave a voicemail when the call can’t go through. On an Android cell phones, this basic voicemail is stored at the server. There is a expire date which is normally 14 days or more.

this answers the question of where the voicemails are stored on Android especially for the basic one, but how to access the basic voicemail?


1- Use voicemail app

you can utilize voicemail app to find any voicemail. This app is normally for free,it requires a good internet connection no more.


2- Call the voicemail

The last technique to access to your basic voicemail is by calling the voicemail. Utilize another telephone and call your voicemail number.


You may have to save the basic voicemail to listen to the mail again and again. Utilize an outsider Android application that empowers you to record audio.


Voice message

The voice message is a newer service provided by smartphones. There are a few sorts of voicemail that you can appreciate, going from MMS service to the most recent, for example, WhatsApp is one of the famous chatting applications. Not at all like basic voicemail that is stored in the server, voicemails are saved on your telephone. This permits you to access the message without any problem.


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