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Msi kombustor download windows 10 64 bit 2023

Msi kombustor download windows 10 64 bit 2023

Msi Kombustor It is a software application that allows you to run a benchmark on your graphics card that can be handled by users who carefully monitor the components of their systems, such as video gamers and web developers, in this case.

Explanation of the msi kombustor program

The software interface is uncomplicated when configured, MSI Kombustor automatically displays the basic graphics card, hardware ID and driver for your computer, as well as the temperature, load level and power of your graphics cards.

There are three 3D tests available for you to play

  • Wavy Plane (GL2).
  • Fractal Frame (GL3).
  • Triangle of Death (GL2).

So, you can run stress tests and find out the average fps.

It is also possible to play a preset in 1080p or 720p , Although it is quite demanding in terms of system resources, this type of test is especially useful when it comes to high-end video games, Additional information and test scores may be checked on a webpage.

Minimum requirements to run the program msi kombustor

  • Supported OS:

Windows 7/8/10.

  • Processor:

Pentium IV or higher.

  • Free hard disk space:

200 MB or more.

Benefits and advantages of the Msi Kombustor program

Msi Kombustor program is dedicated to overclocking the graphics card, as the method of using it is simple to monitor and detect the temperature of the graphics card while using it on the computer. In fact, the Msi Kombustor program contains more features and features that can help you do many other things.

What do you know about the Msi Kombustor program?

Although the program is for MSI graphics cards, but fortunately it can be used with any graphics card from any other company.

It can be used to test the stability of performance after overclocking, or to manually adjust the speed of the card fans, or to take a screenshot or video of the desktop or while in games, and many other properties that we will mention to you to help you know every small and large in This comprehensive professional program.

MSI Kombustor properties for testing graphics card performance

One of the most powerful programs that aims to test the limits of graphics for the user, as the program provides the user with the possibility of valuable insights about the state of his graphics, this program is very important for lovers of difficult games, and these games need a strong graphics card, as it helps them to play games better The program contains three single task tests that allow users to leave the GPU on to perform burn tests anywhere between an hour and all day.

Features of the MSI Kombustor program

  • MSI Kombustor is one of the most easy and simple software that allows its users to test the performance of the GPU array.
  • The program allows users to test a direct Direct3d 9 suite
  • Allows users to enable the blur handles fx function.
  • The ability to run OpenGL 4 and PhysX benchmark test with music.
  • The program allows you to enable anti-aliasing (2X MSAA or 4X MSAA), switch to full screen mode, and change the default resolution.
  • The user can use the choice of a specific color with the background image.
  • Improve your device’s charting capabilities.

The importance of software programs

Technology occupies a great importance in people’s lives, as it is an effective tool in communication, It has made the world a small village, because of its ability to deliver information quickly, which led to a scientific and knowledge revolution that facilitated many life matters, and led to the spread of the use of computers and mobile phones that work Through software, application, computer software, and system software.

What do you know about Msi Company?

The company’s organizations :

  • Institute of Marketing Sciences, a non-profit educational institution in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States.
  • The Millennium Science Initiative, an international program that moves technology to developing countries.
  • Ministry of Science and Innovation (New Zealand).
  • An institution serving minorities in higher education in the United States.
  • Museum of Science and Industry (Chicago).
  • Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, England.
  • University of Minnesota Supercomputing Institute.

What do you know about software?

Software is instructions, data, or programs that are used to operate computers and carry out certain tasks, and they include two basic types of program, application programs and system programs. Application programs are programs that meet specific needs or perform specific tasks, As for system programs, they operate computers and provision of applications

  • Programming Software: Provides programming tools used in software development.
  • Middleware: located between programs and system applications.
  • Drivers: Run computers and peripherals.

The importance of software development

Software companies seek to develop software to increase their ability to compete and gain a competitive advantage, including the Msi Kombustor program, as the importance of software development appears as follows:

  • Software development improves customer business and experiences.
  • Providing many distinctive products in the market.
  • Provides security and productivity in business settings and effectiveness.
  • The digitization and storage of information leads to a reduction in the space used for that, and it is stored in an easily accessible manner, protecting it from manipulation, forgery and theft.
  • Software development results in improving the process of analyzing the collected data, and maintaining it in an organized manner commensurate with the classifications of its customers.

Version changes for Msi Kombustor software

  • Added support for GeForce RTX 4090 and RTX 4080.
  • Additional disclosure of Intel Arc A750 and A770.
  • Improved detection of some Radeon RX 470/480/570/580 GPUs.
  • Updated GPU monitoring with NVAPI 525.
  • Updated with the latest GeeXLab SDK libraries (v 0.49.0).
  • MSI-01 Graphics Test (OpenGL) Bad coordinates in texture on Intel Arc GPU.

How to download and install Msi kombustor download windows 10 64 bit 2023 ?

1 – Download MSI Kombustor 10 64 bit 2023.

2 – Disable Windows Defender.

3 – Decompress.

4 – installation.


At the end of today’s article, we hope that we have provided most of the information about the MSI Kombustor program, its features, importance and many functions through the previous lines


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