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Flashback express reviews 2023

Flashback express reviews

Flashback express reviews 2021

FlashBack Express is an on-premise screen recording and editing tool for computers. it can be utilized to capture screenshots, record short videos, and create videos. videos can be shared straightforwardly to YouTube.

Here are the  positive things in FlashBack express :

RECORD SOUND It’s not difficult to record PC speakers or different sources as you record your screen.

Catch WEBCAM Give your films and presentations the individual touch by showing up with a webcam recording.

SCHEDULE MOVIES Start and stop recording at a set time, or when applications run and close. You don’t need to be attached to your PC.

RECORD FOREVER: Express doesn’t add a watermark or limit film length, not at all like numerous other free screen recorders.

ADD NOTES: The free screen recorder permits users to take notes while recording, rapidly and without any problem.

Capture ANY REGION: Easily record video from any window or area on your PC screen – even from numerous screens.

And the last point if you have any problem with the software you can contact the technical support who is available via live chat and an online entrance. Flashback offers a Pro version with a lot of editing features and saving options.


User experience

 FlashBack Express isn’t as feature-packed as OBS Studio, its interface is significantly less scary for new users. For basic recordings, simply choose whether you need to record from your screen (the full display, a particular window, or a custom part) or your webcam, pick a sound source, and hit the Record button.

That may be all you require, however, the genuine excellence of FlashBack Express is its planned chronicle, which allows you to start catching your screen at a specific time and date, or when a specific program is run. This means you don’t catch a film of yourself beginning the recorder and dispatching the game or other program that you need to record. You can also stop the chronicle consequently after a specific time, or when the program being recorded closes. it is an incredible method to avoid creating enormous, unwieldy video documents.

Extra choices incorporate the ability to utilize a custom resolution while recording, utilize a plain desktop background, hide icons, and limit the video size for recordings. You can even define the FPS for game recording, pick the recording quality, or let FlashBack Express choose these settings themselves.


Flashback Express Screen Recorder Free Download

Flashback free screen recorder is an extraordinary program that carries with it various features. To give some examples are record screen just as sounds, capture webcam, no watermarks, choices to save recorded video in any format (AVI, MP4, WMV) you need. The most recent flashback screen recorder free version available is 5.45.0. This freshest version was released on 2 Jun 2020. The downloadable size of the flashback screen recorder free version is 25.7 Mb. Nonetheless, to appreciate this product without limit, one necessity Windows XP or higher form.

Click here to get the BB Flashback screen recorder free download.


 How to Use BB Flashback Screen Recorder

The Flashback free screen recorder is a simple tool to utilize. check the following steps to realize how to utilize the BB Flashback screen recorder in easy steps.

Stage 1: Initiate the screencast by choosing to record a particular bit of the screen or the whole screen. Furthermore, you can choose to change sound gadgets just to permit the cam to begin to be recorded all the while with the screencast.

Stage 2: A commencement will be shown once the recording is begun. The key combination of “Shift+CTRL+S” can be utilized to stop the recording. At the point when the recording is done, 2 options are given to export the video to WMV format or download the video on YouTube.

Stage 3: All your recordings can be found saved in a native FBR format. Utilizing BB Flashback Player, the recordings of this program can be played back. This further gets BB Flashback Express installed automatically which can edit the recorded videos.

Pros and Cons of Flashback Screen Recorder

Since we have perceived how to utilize Flashback free screen recorder in detail, let us examine the advantages and disadvantages.


  • Simple and reasonable, the BB Flashback screen recorder is extremely simple to-utilize. You shouldn’t be a nerd for utilizing this program. though that it’s packaged with various features, it is entirely reasonable and cheap when contrasted with different tools available on the market.
  • A greater number of features than others in the free version, the Flashback express screen recorder permits you to record with no watermark in its free form itself. Another significant feature of microphone receiver sounds, the best one is that it can record video and audio at the same time.
  • Advanced features, dissimilar to other chronicle tools, Flashback free screen recorder gives mouse development feature and essential video supervisor editor the genius adaptation.
  • Record from the webcam.
  • Booking recording time.
  • No recording time limit.
  • Edit and update video directly to YouTube.


  • The off-side of the BB Flashback screen recorder is that is an extremely simple screen recorder for PC relatively. It has an essential video editor feel.
  • The device gives a vibe of being obsolete and some of the time it might feel slow to-utilize.
  • Absence of important video editing tools.
  • Can save the video in WMV only.
  • Need to register an account before you start.


Does flashBack Express record audio?

FlashBack Express permits clients to record work area screens and microphone sounds, catch webcam recordings, add explanations and watermarks. in addition, There are no chronicle time limits and Videos can be saved as MP4, AVI, or WMV designs. This program is only available with Windows devices.


How to I uninstall FlashBack Express?

Windows “Add/Remove Programs” help users to uninstall the program by following the steps:

  • Click “Start menu” and run “Control Panel”.
  • Find BB FlashBack Express Screen Recorder (or Blueberry Software Ltd) and tap “Change/Remove” to uninstall the program.
  • Follow the uninstall wizard and uninstall the program.

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